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    There are various airlines flying from the UK to Bordeaux

E.g. from:-

London Gatwick (2 flights per day most of the year)                     - British Airways (

London Gatwick, Luton, Bristol, Liverpool, Glasgow & Belfast     - Easyjet (

Southampton   (during spring and Summer)                                   - Flybe (

(Flybe also fly to Bordeaux from Manchester, Leeds-Bradford, Belfast, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Edinburgh)

By Car from Bordeaux/Merignac airport to Mimizan Plage     

From Bordeaux/Merignac airport ( there are various car hire firms which operate .   The drive to Mimizan Plage takes approximately 75 mins.  E-mail for directions

   By public transport from Bordeaux/Merignac airport to Mimizan Plage  

First, take a taxi or the ‘jet bus’ to Bordeaux St-Jean station . The jet-bus runs approximately every 45 mins and takes 30-45 mins depending on traffic.  

 From Bordeaux St-Jean station you can take the train from Bordeaux St Jean to Labouheyre  (  Labouheyre is about 20 miles from Mimizan Plage and from there you can take a taxi or alternatively there are also bus services  ( which operate 4 times per day (weekdays).

There may also be direct buses from Bordeaux St- Jean station to Mimizan Plage (depending on the season) with independant bus operators such as Cars Jarraud (

 Getting to Mimizan via Biarritz

Airlines flying to Biarritz from the UK include :-

Ryanair    (

Easyjet   (

Trains operate from Biarritz to Labouheyre  via Morcenx , then pick up a taxi or bus as above.

By Car from Biarritz to Mimizan Plage

 The drive to Mimizan Plage takes approximately 80 mins.